Route N Roll

Logistics & Routing Fueled by the Internet of Things

Route N Roll was built for all - drivers, fleet managers and the end consumer in mind. Going beyond pure diagnostics and reporting, we offer advanced telematics, route simulation, video incident capture, alerts, real-time communications, geofences and predictive analysis and optimization to put your fleet ahead. A customizable white label solution of APIs, SDKs, dashboards, and native app templates enables you to quickly deploy in days instead of years.

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Fleet Management

Route N Roll for Fleet Management leverages the Sirqul IoT platform and the Greenlight Smart Camera with Cradle to provide the most affordable way to add video and telematics to your fleet of vehicles. Deploy to increase productivity, improve safety, reduce losses and lower insurance costs. Real-time fleet monitoring enables you to optimize dispatch and routing while geofencing and an alert system help to ensure safety, security and operational efficiency. We’ll help keep you statewide and nationally compliant to avoid disruption.
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Food and Package Delivery

Route N Roll for Delivery Services offers restaurants, retailers and couriers a complete platform so that they can concentrate on their customers and experience instead of logistics. Fully integrated with Greenlight’s Dash Camera allows for improved safety, cost savings and driver accountability.

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Urban Mobility and Livery Solutions

Route N Roll for Urban Mobility and Livery, a partnership from Mercedes-Benz R&D North America (MBRDNA) and the Sirqul IoT Platform, was created as a white label digital dispatch and logistics solution. Advanced routing, logistics, billing, reservations, chat, video, real-time alerts, traffic avoidance, predictive simulation analytics, and more all help to power passenger services like ridesharing, shuttles and buses.

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Why Use Route N Roll?

  • Plan profitable routes and cut drive time to save on fuel costs
  • Improve customer experience with real-time notifications, mobile apps, geofencing and alerts
  • Quickly handle last minute requests and leverage predictive analytics to suggest action plans
  • Instantly communicate with drivers
  • Improve safety and reduce accidents with driver accountability
  • Monitor vehicle diagnostics and schedule regular maintenance
  • Ensure compliance to minimize disruption
  • Compatible with Intel®-based OBD-II Dongle to provide advanced mechanical diagnostics and fuel data consumption

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